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Dec 13/17

Hello all, here's my biweekly check in...

It's currently raining out, which is going to make the roads messy! I'm staying put today. I'm going to clean and bake... And of course walk the dogs!

I went to the Dr. yesterday. I've got one small gall stone, so I've made the decision to leave it be, and monitor my diet carefully! I've dropped 5 lbs since the last time I was there, so that's a good thing! I'm going to go for active release massage for my shoulders, and I met the a urologist last week, and I've asked to be referred to another one, as I was not comfortable with the one I met. ( I've never asked my Dr for this before, and she was quite agreeable to it). I don;t want to take medication for my bladder, as it really doesn't do anything, and i'll wait it out. it's a birth defect and I'm fine with it...  Here's to a healthy 2018!

I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas, the tree is up and some of the gifts are wrappe…

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