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May 7/16

What's new in my world?

 Towards the end of April my Blood pressure went sky high... Enough that I went on meds and had to be off work. Later that week, after my chiropractors appointment I got rear ended, resulting in numerous trips to the chiropractor again. I'm still waiting for the insurance company about the medical part... so i haven't been at my ft job in three weeks, which has helped my blood pressure for sure lol.  I have whip lash and a sprained collar bone...  I was just getting back on track with my injuries from work in Jan...

 The same week, LG had a major flood in his basement, which he's still battling... The water level is only an inch or so now. :)

The Saint John river valley here in New Brunswick is still flooding. It's the highest water levels in over 80 years.  It's been hard to watch friends lose their homes and cottages to the water...  

On a positive note,  I'll be going to see my DD in three weeks! I can't wait to see her!  The …

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